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About underground opposition in Estonia – the Estonian Democratic Movement
Great lies and great terror
The repressive policies of Soviet occupation regime in Estonia and their consequences

Great lies and great terror

The USSR was not only the empire of evil but even on larger scale it was the empire of lies. As a result of the common crimes committed by the totalitarian regimes – communist, national-socialist and fascist ones – the mankind has lost tens of millions of people murdered or physically crippled, and hundreds of millions of intellectually and morally crippled. The great terror became possible only thanks to the great lie.

If the people had always known the truth, we would never had either communist, Nazi or fascist dictatorship, there would not have been the Second World War and the only history, where Stalin, Hitler and other such people would have occurred, would be the history of psychiatry.

During Stalin´s rule and after it the communists lied as if the communist dictatorship had been established in Estonia by the Estonia´s population. In real life it was otherwise. In 1939 the Soviet Union threatening with force imposed the so-called mutual assistance treaties on the Baltic States. Based on this treaty, the Soviet Union was granted military bases on the territory of the Baltic States. For a few months the Soviet Union fulfilled the treaty in order to conceal its real aims.

On June 16, 1940, the USSR submitted an ultimatum to Estonia, accusing the Baltic States in concluding military alliance directed against the USSR:

“The government of the USSR cannot further tolerate such situation and considers as necessary and without delay:

  1. Immediately appoint to office in Estonia such government which would be able and ready to secure the honest implementation of the mutual assistance treaty;
  2. To secure immediately the unrestricted passage of Soviet units into Estonia’s territory and their location in the important centres to secure the implementation of the Soviet-Estonian mutual assistance pact and to avoid possible provocative actions against the Soviet garrisons in Estonia.”
Behind the Estonian border Soviet troops were located, numerically exceeding the Estonian troops, especially in artillery, tanks and aviation. According to the treaty the Soviet troops had to be located in the areas stipulated by the treaty. Actually, after June 16, they seized the whole territory of Estonia, including Tallinn the capital.

The communist propaganda has disseminated during tens of years the myth as if the Red Army had liberated Estonia in 1944. In reality the Red Army did not liberate Estonia but suppressed the attempt to restore Estonia´s independence. At the beginning of 1944 it had become clear that Germany was going to lose the war. On 23 March 1944 the underground National Committee of the Republic of Estonia was formed. The Committee´s aim was the restoration of Estonia´s independence on the basis of legal continuity and the Atlantic Charter. Some members of the Committee were arrested by the German security police, but others continued their activities. Nazi Germany and the USSR were both enemies of Estonia´s independence.

On 16 September 1944 the German Commander-in-chief (ülemjuhatus) decided to leave the Estonian mainland. Estonian patriots made an attempt to restore Estonia´s independence. Some armed conflicts took place between the Estonians and retreating German troops. The German flag was lowered and the Estonian blue-black-white flag was raised on the Pikk Hermann tower in Tallinn. On 18 September 1944, acting President Jüri Uluots appointed a new government led by Otto Tief. The government published the first Riigi Teataja (State Gazette), and over the radio, in English, declared its neutrality in the war. Retreating German troops took away all heavy weapons, and what they could not evacuate, they destroyed. Estonians nevertheless attempted to stop the advancing Red Army, but did not succeed. On 22 September 1944 the Red Army conquered Tallinn. Restarted the Soviet occupation, terror and falsification of history. The falsification of history is continuing until now.

Russian propaganda continually disseminates the myth that the world must be forever indebted to the USSR for having played a major role in the destruction of fascism. At the same time Russia maintains absolute silence about the role of the USSR in the strengthening of fascism through the friendship and border treaty pact signed with Germany on September 28th, 1939, when France and Great Britain were already in a state of war with Germany. The USSR provided Nazi Germany with grains and raw materials until such time that its former ally invaded the USSR. Thus the USSR can justifiably be compared to a pyromaniac who claims to be a hero for helping to extinguish the house fire that he himself has set. That the pyromaniac himself suffers burns in the process provides no basis for public adulation. The pyromaniac’s assistance in quenching the fire could, however, be taken into consideration in mitigation of his punishment.

Russian propagandists have coined the myth of “discrimination of the Russian-speaking population in Estonia”. If Russians really were discriminated in Estonia, then why they do not return to Russia? When Hitler in 1939 asked Germans living in Estonia and Latvia to settle in Germany, about 90% of Germans living in Estonia left Estonia within several months. Russian president Putin has also asked Russians living abroad to return to Russia, but until now there has not been any noticeable resettling of Russians from Estonia into Russia.

In 1947 the monument to Red Army men was erected in Tallinn near the Kaarli church. For these Russians who have not yet understood that Red Army did not liberate Estonia but occupied it, it is the “soldier-liberator”, for the majority of Estonians it is the occupier. Can we consider such state which keeps the monument of occupiers in the center of its capital as an independent one? In Russia the step-by-step restoration of communist dictatorship is going on. All this is being done by means of lies. The myth of “soldier-liberator” is a significant part of this lie. In Russian-language internet there is a special subdivision called “The war of monuments in Estonia” containing 204 articles. They all consider myths about “soldier-liberator”. If to calculate human losses per one million inhabitants of the respective country, then we will see that the losses of the population of Estonia caused by communist terror are bigger than combat casualties of majority states in World War II. And the clones of Goebbels have arrogance to call Red Army liberator. The nowadays rulers of Estonia with their connivance to these lies help to restore the communist dictatorship in Russia. They do not know what to do. They have no courage to remove the bronze occupier and are afraid also that Estonian people will remove it on their own initiative. They have turned the square, where the monument is located, a restricted area and surrounded it with police tape. When a inhabitant of Tallinn Jüri Liim promised to blow up the bronze soldier if the authorities will not remove it, he was fined by Harju District Court. So the life in Estonia is going on according to the Soviet double standards. All Quiet on the Eastern Front?

Author: Kalju Mätik